The Super Pro and World Class 141 were described to be good for Disc Golf.

The Frisbee World Class line included the 97gr, 119gr,141gr, and 165gr. 

These images were taken from the 1986 Disc Wares Catalog. 
Now the Humprey Flyer is a collectable part of Frisbee Golf History. This is  snap shot of some being auctioned on Ebay.  I used to chuckle a little when someone would step up to the tee with one of these in hand on a windy day. But in retrospect, these discs introduced more people the sport than any other disc at the time.
In the Disc Wares 1986 catalog the 141 went for $4.75. This is a snapshot of a resent ending to an Ebay Auction. Very collectable today.
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